Monday, June 20, 2011

Question of the Week

Jason, Fargo, ND
Subj: Have basketball, will travel
Which NBA player holds the record for having played with the most teams?

That honor is shared by NBA journeymen Chucky Brown, Tony Massenburg and Jim Jackson, all of whom played for 12 different teams during their careers. Although all three men are exceptionally well-traveled, Massenburg deserves special mention for also plying his trade in Europe during the first third of his professional career. Even now, he regards his nomadic lifestyle as being a tremendous badge of honor. “I must have been doing something right,” he says proudly. “People aren't going to just keep passing you around if you can't bring anything to the court. It's just a part of the business, that's how I look at it.” The University of Maryland alum nearly added a 13th team to his resume in 2007 when he tried out with the Washington Wizards. Unfortunately the team had little use for his services and waived the then 40-year-old power forward prior to the first game of the season.