Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Question of the Week

Jason, Valparaiso, IN
Subj: Simply the best
In your opinion, what was the best high school hoops team of all-time?

My vote goes to the 1982-1983 Dunbar Poets. The thoroughbreds from this legendary Baltimore high school humbled opponents on a nightly basis en route to recording a perfect 31-0 record while also preserving a 59-game winning streak. Leading the attack were future NBA stars Reggie Williams, Reggie Lewis and Mugsy Bogues as well as a bevy of future college hoopsters including Herman Harried (Syracuse), Mike Brown (Clemson), Keith James (UNLV) and Darryl Wood (Virginia State). 25 years later, Wood still marvels at the team’s unparalleled depth. “We carried 15 players,” he says, “and I’d say at least 12 of us had Division 1 ability.” Naturally, it didn’t take long for local residents to catch on, and the Poets became such a huge hit in Crabtown that tickets for their sold-out games were frequently scalped for $100 a piece. Baltimore Sun sports editor Sam Davis still gushes when he reflects on the team’s incredible roster. “You needed two balls out there for all the kinds of talent they had” he says.