Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Question of the Week

Todd, Oakland, CA
Subj: Jack of all trades
Has there ever been a major league player who has played every position on the baseball field?

You bet, Todd. That unique feat was accomplished by José Oquendo, a sweet-fielding utility man who played all nine positions for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1988. “The Secret Weapon,” as he was affectionately known, further cemented his place in baseball history that year when he became the first position player in 20 years to earn a decision in a 19 inning loss to the Atlanta Braves. Despite turning in a solid four innings of work, Oquendo was less than thrilled with having to take the mound. “I hope this never happens again because it means that something has gone wrong,” he said after the game. Apparently his manager didn’t bother to listen because Oquendo made another relief appearance in 1991, giving up three runs in a single inning of work. He finished his career with 14 homeruns, 254 RBIs, a .256 batting average and a record of 0-1.