Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Question of the Week

George, Torrington, WY
Subj: Working Out
Hey there Ryan, I like to doing a lot of cardio and weight-lifting in my spare time and I was wondering if you could recommend a list of songs that I can add to my iPod to help keep me pumped when I'm working out.

Superb question, George. I’ve been known to pump a little iron myself (with an emphasis on the "little”), and these are my five favorite tunes to listen to while I work myself into a lather.
1. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns ‘N’ Roses. Axel Rose may be a bit of a punk, but he definitely knows how to get a party started. Plus, his proclivity for wearing spandex on stage makes him a natural fit for this list.
2. All Night Long – AC/DC. The ultimate hard rock song, this Aussie classic is guaranteed to pick up your heart rate faster than watching an all-female yoga class.
3. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor. If you don’t find Rocky inspiring, it’s definitely time to check your pulse. Incidentally, this is also my favorite song to listen to while sparring with large slabs of frozen meat.
4. Enter Sandman – Metallica. If it’s good enough for Mariano Rivera, then it’s definitely good enough for a lightweight like me.
5. Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones. Just thinking of Keith Richards instantly makes me want to work out ten times harder. God knows, it’s a lot cheaper than getting a complete blood transfusion.