Monday, March 16, 2009

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

The Detroit Lions are reportedly on the lookout for a quarterback. In related news, Detroit fans are on the lookout for any kind of money back.

The Oregon Urology Institute is offering a March Madness-related vasectomy event over the next month, so even if your team doesn’t make the cut, you still can.

The Netherlands shocked the world by defeating the Dominican Republic at the WBC. Of course, the real shock is that they were able to play baseball at all in those little wooden shoes.

Ray Lewis has signed a seven-year extension with the Baltimore Ravens. The rest of the country is expected to sleep much more soundly knowing exactly where he is.

The NFL has decided to maintain their tradition of showing a Detroit Lions game on Thanksgiving. After all, you can’t enjoy Thanksgiving without a big turkey.

Pacman Jones reportedly got in a fight during an episode of Pros vs. Joes. Frankly, we’re just impressed that he wasn’t taping an episode of Pros vs. Hoes.

A judge has ruled that Michael Vick must pay his own way to his upcoming bankruptcy hearing. Ironically, he may have to take a Greyhound to get there.

Plaxico Burress recently picked up four traffic tickets in a single day for speeding, improper display of tags, improper lane change and improper window tinting. All things considered, we’d still rather have him behind the wheel than riding shotgun.

The NBA is considering rewriting its traveling rules. That sounds to us like four steps in the right direction.

British Gas has signed a $20.8 million sponsorship deal with the country’s Olympic swim team. We’re curious to see how things work out since oil and water seldom mix.

There’s growing concern that the Sacramento Kings could end up moving to Anaheim. Based on their roster, we’re guessing that concern is coming from Anaheim.

Former WWE wrestler Andrew Martin was recently found dead at his Tampa home after a neighbor reported he appeared motionless for several hours. Police initially dismissed the call since they receive several reports a day just like it regarding John Daly.

Martial arts legend Chuck Norris is considering running for President of Texas. If elected, Norris plans to save money by replacing the electric chair with a swift roundhouse kick.