Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Question of the Week

Gilmer, Kerrville, TX
Subj: Leading the way
Ryan, I’m curious which state produces the most NFL players? My uncle from Louisiana has a hang up that Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida put more players in the NFL than all other states, but I'm from Texas and I bet Texas is right up there with them. Do you know the answer?

I hate to mess with Texas, but the state with the most players currently in the NFL is California. According to a USA Football survey conducted last season, the Golden State has 206 of his native sons playing in the league, followed closely by Florida with 177 and Texas with 175. Rounding out the top ten are Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina and Michigan. Incidentally, Miami leads all cities with 35 players while Canada leads all foreign countries with nine.