Saturday, July 19, 2008

Question of the Week

Benjamin, Chandler, AZ
Subj: Take your base!
Who owns the modern day record for being hit by the most pitches?

That honor belongs to Houston Astros second sacker Craig Biggio. The frequently bruised gamer has been plunked 285 times in 20 seasons, making him the most popular target in Major League history. "If you would have told me a 185-pound man would get hit 250-plus times in his career and still be walking, I'd say you're crazy,” he admits. “I've been lucky, I guess." So why doesn’t this former catcher back off from the inner part of the plate? "I get in that box, and I'm not thinking about moving because if I have to think about moving, I can't hit like I want to hit," he explains. Incidentally, four players have been hit by a pitch twice in the same inning including Brady Anderson, Willard Schmidt, Frank Thomas and Andres Galarraga.