Monday, December 20, 2010

In The Spotlight

Derrick Rose is proof that you can always go home again. A two-time state champion at Simeon Career Academy, this electrifying point guard returned to the Windy City in 2008 when he was picked first in the NBA draft by the Bulls. He has since led Chicago to back-to-back playoffs and has the team on the brink of its finest season in years. “I'm from Chicago, so it would mean a lot if I would just bring back one championship here,” he says. “It would mean so much to this city. I want to be that guy. I want to be that guy that does that.” Learn more about Rose by clicking here.

Monday, December 13, 2010

In The Spotlight

It’s only a matter of time before Mike Krzyzewski receives his own wing in the Basketball Hall of Fame. This 12-time Coach of the Year has virtually rewritten college basketball’s record books during his tenure at Duke by winning 4 national championships, 11 regional championships, 12 ACC regular season championships, and 12ACC Tournament championships. "Coach K" will have a chance to add to his impressive legacy this season as he attempts to lead the No. 1-ranked Blue Devils back to the Final Four. Learn more about his career by clicking here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In The Spotlight

The No. 1 pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, Sam Bradford has gotten the St. Louis Rams off to their best start in four years thanks to his precise passing and heady leadership. “Each week I feel more comfortable,” he says. “I expect for this team to compete for the division.” Learn more about Bradford by clicking here.

Friday, December 3, 2010

In The Spotlight

Rex Ryan is a sportswriter’s dream come true. This exceptionally candid head coach seldom holds back in his press conferences as he gleefully expounds on topics ranging from the New York Jets to his own supersized posterior. “I'm the biggest trash talker there is,” he says. “[But] I don't disrespect anybody else. I just have confidence in our football team." The Jets will need both his brains and his bravado this year if they hope to improve upon last season’s successful 9-7 campaign. Learn more about Ryan by clicking here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In The Spotlight

Expectations are at an all-time high in Washington, where the Wizards are banking on newly acquired point guard John Wall to lead them to the playoffs during his first year in the league. It’s a tall task, but one this high-flying rookie feels confident he can accomplish. "I'm a franchise guy that they can start over and rebuild with -- and then add more pieces to it," Wall says. "We got a chance to be good." Learn more about Wall by clicking here.

In The Spotlight

Vinnie Jones is a former professional footballer whose penchant for knocking down opponents and literally crushing their nuts made him a legend in his native England. He has since parlayed his reputation as a remorseless thug into a gig as one of Hollywood’s most bankable brutes in films like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Gone in Sixty Seconds, and X-Men: The Last Stand. So, which career does this rough-and-ready brawler prefer? “I love [football and acting], but it's all about the present and I just love what I'm doing now,” he says. “It's a great adventure and it's very exciting for me.” Learn more about Jones by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In The Spotlight

Vive la France and vive la Tony Parker! This three-time NBA champion began adding a dash of je ne sais quoi to the league in 2001 when he made his heavily hyped debut with the San Antonio Spurs. He has since been named to three All-Star teams and recently received a lucrative four-year, $50 million extension to remain in the River City with his teammates Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. “It’s home here,” he says. “I love being with Timmy and Manu. I’m happy to keep the adventure going with them.” Learn more about Parker and his split from Eva Longoria by clicking here.

In The Spotlight

Move over Kobe Bryant. L.A.’s “other team” has a star of its own and his name is Blake Griffin. This rim-rocking rookie is finally making his presence felt after missing the entire 2009-2010 season with a fractured left patella. “It's great to be back,” he says. “That year that I sat out, I think, helped me be a little bit more prepared for this year.” Learn more about this Oklahoma City native by clicking here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

In The Spotlight

Chad Ochocinco began blurring the line between sports and entertainment in 2001 when he performed his first of many over-the-top touchdown celebrations. His flamboyant routines have since gone on to generate millions of hits on YouTube and thousands of dollars in fines from the NFL. "(Commissioner Paul) Tagliabue and most of the suits in this league are all old-school, and I really don't think they're for the end-zone celebrations," Ochocinco admits. "But I know in the back of their minds they are laughing. They can't wait to see what No. 85 is going to do next. Even though it's something they don't like, I guarantee they think what I'm doing is entertaining.” Learn more about this primetime performer by clicking here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

In The Spotlight

Chris Johnson had a year to remember in 2009 as he shattered Marshall Faulk’s record of total yards from scrimmage while becoming just the sixth running back in NFL history to rush for over 2,000 yards in a single season. “It feels real good to look at some of the guys who have played before me, then come in and break a record,” he says. “But records are made to be broken.” Learn more about this rugged running back by clicking here.

Friday, November 5, 2010

In The Spotlight

Few players have more fun than Dwight Howard. Whether he’s dressing up like Superman, busting a move on the sidelines or swatting a ball into the fifth row, this goofy man-child always has a grin plastered on his face. “I always have fun out there,” he says. “Basketball brings me joy. I don’t care what people say about me smiling too much or having too much fun. Hey, I’m doing something I love. I’m going to be thankful and have fun doing it.” Learn more about this all-star goofball by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In The Spotlight

Mark Sanchez is making millions of women suddenly care about football. This ruggedly handsome QB has been breaking hearts and records since 2009 when he led the New York Jets to the AFC Championship game during his rookie season. Learn more about “The Sanchise” by clicking here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In The Spotlight

Josh Hamilton has come a long way from wandering through trailer parks jonesing for his next fix. This former No. 1 draft pick has successfully overcome a crippling addiction to drugs and alcohol to become a three-time American League All-Star and one of the top all-around players in the game. Learn more about his remarkable life story by clicking here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 49 Men of 2010

Who are the world’s most influential men? has the answer, and it’s on their annual list of The Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2010. Learn more about this year’s movers and shakers by reading my profiles of Australian Grand Prix champion Mark Webber, UFC President Dana White, 12-time NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant, NFL coverboy Tom Brady, New Orleans Saints savior Drew Brees and reigning NBA MVP LeBron James.

Monday, October 18, 2010

In The Spotlight

2010 has been a year to remember for Kevin Durant. Over the past 12 months, this 22-year-old forward has won an NBA Scoring Championship, made his first All-Star team, guided the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 27-game improvement, and captured gold at the FIBA World Championship. It’s no wonder, then, that basketball fans around the world are anxiously awaiting to see what “K-Smoove” will do for an encore in 2011. Learn more about this emerging superstar by clicking here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

In The Spotlight

The term “hero” is often overused in professional sports, but Jon Lester is one athlete to whom it truly applies. The Red Sox southpaw made headlines across the U.S. in August, 2006, when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in the midst of his brilliant rookie season. He returned to baseball less than a year later and has since won a World Series championship, pitched a no-hitter and been named to the 2010 American League All-Star team. His courageous spirit and ability to persevere have made him a favorite among baseball fans as well as an inspiration to millions of cancer victims around the world. Read more about Lester by clicking here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In The Spotlight

Brett Favre continues to make history. This 41-year-old gunslinger recently became the first NFL player to throw 500 touchdowns and reach the 70,000 yard plateau in a dramatic showdown against the New York Jets. Sadly, his remarkable achievements have recently been overshadowed by allegations that he sent lewd text messages and photographs to a Jets employee during his brief tenure with the club. If found culpable, Favre could be suspended for the remainder of the season, thereby bringing a swift end to his otherwise illustrious 20-year career and his starting streak. Learn more about this predicament by clicking here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Come Fly With Me

Dominique Wilkins may have been known as “The Human Highlight Film,” but few players in NBA history have graced more posters or appeared in more post-game reels than Michael Jordan. Whether swooping through the air for a gravity-defying dunk or nailing a last-second jump shot, Jordan had an uncanny knack for making jaws drop. Prepare to have your mind blown as I celebrate the top 10 highlights of Jordan’s illustrious career by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In The Spotlight

The hits keep on coming this week with my celebrity profile of New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees. Learn more about his quest to lead the Saints to back-to-back championships by clicking here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

In The Spotlight

Are you ready for some football? I'm delighted to announce that my celebrity profile of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is now online. Learn more about the third-most proficient passer in NFL history by clicking here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

In The Spotlight

Football season is back and I'm delighted to announce that my celebrity profile of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is now online. Learn more about this three-time NFL champ by clicking here.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

Ice Cube thinks the Lakers will win the NBA championship. Then again, he also thought it was a good idea to star in Are We There Yet?

Tiger Woods has agreed to play at a pro-am at Quail Hollow. Organizers are hoping he makes it through the weekend before he discovers that the pro doesn’t stand for “prostitute.”

Tiger Woods has confessed to cheating with as many as 120 women. And that was just on Tuesday morning.

A new study has found that it takes Prince Fielder 21 seconds to round the bases after hitting a homerun. That’s probably because he always stops at second base to have a snack.

Santonio Holmes has acknowledged making mistakes in Pittsburgh. And the biggest mistake was actually buying property there.

J.R. Smith has criticized the Nuggets for their selfish play. That’s a little bit like Tiger Woods criticizing you for your infidelity.

Tito Ortiz has been arrested for assaulting Jenna Jameson. This could be the first time in years that a story involving Jameson doesn’t feature a happy ending.

Scott Sicko has signed a free agent contract with the Cowboys. It’s something of a homecoming for the tight end since Dallas already has a number of sickos on their roster.

Most experts expect to see Stephen Strasburg in Washington by June. You’d have to be an expert to want to watch the Nationals that late in the season.

The family of Abe Pollin is close to selling the Washington Wizards. Little is known about the potential buyer aside from the fact it’s someone completely unfamiliar with the NBA.

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland has apologized to Dez Bryant after asking if his mother was a prostitute. He also asked if he can have his $200 back.

China’s gymnastic team has been stripped of its bronze medal from the 2000 Olympics for using an underage girl. It sounds like China and Ben Roethlisberger have more in common than you’d think.

44-year-old kicker Jeff Feagles is expected to announce his retirement shortly. At his age he’s closer to kicking the bucket than he is to kicking a field goal.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In The Spotlight

I'm delighted to announce that my celebrity profile of prolific Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto'o is now online. Learn more about this three-time African Footballer of the Year by clicking here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

The Twins have only made one error all year. Two if you count building an outdoor stadium in Minnesota.

The NBA is projecting a higher salary cap than expected. That’s especially good news for Gilbert Arenas, who could use all the bail money he can get his hands on.

The Cubs have sent Carlos Zambrano to the bullpen. Mainly because they can’t send him to the gallows.

Pitcher Stephen Strasburg has been promoted to AAA Syracuse. No word yet on when he’ll be demoted to the Nationals.

USA Swimming has unveiled a multi-step plan to eliminate rampant sexual misconduct within its ranks. Step #1: Stop inviting Ben Roethlisberger to its meets.

Pirates’ pitcher Chris Jakubauskas was recently hit in the head with a line drive. Great, now he’ll never be able to spell his last name.

The NCAA plans to expand March Madness from 65 to 68 teams. That’s great news is you’re a basketball fan and horrible news if your retirement strategy hinges on picking a perfect bracket.

Subway has created a life-size bust of Ndamukong Suh made out of 1,000 slices of pepperoni. We haven’t seen a draft bust that big since Ryan Leaf.

The 2010 NFL Draft is finally over. The three day process lasted longer than the careers of many of the players selected.

ESPN's three-day telecast of the NFL Draft attracted 3.7 million viewers. That sounds impressive until you realize that a video of a cat playing a keyboard has attracted 12 million viewers on YouTube.

Joe Paterno says he has a "gut feeling" that the Pac-10 will expand before the Big Ten. Then again he also had a gut feeling that the British would win the Revolutionary War.

A new study has found that it takes Prince Fielder 21 seconds to round the bases after hitting a homerun. That’s probably because he always stops at second base to have a snack.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In The Spotlight

I'm delighted to announce that my celebrity profile of Argentinian striker Sergio Aguero is now online. Learn more about Maradona's fleet-footed heir apparent by clicking here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In The Spotlight

I'm delighted to announce that my celebrity profile of 1986 World Cup champion Diego Maradona is now online. Learn more about FIFA's controversial "Player of the Century" by clicking here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

Michael Phelps was recently spotted at a Baltimore Orioles game. It’s the clearest indication yet that he’s back on drugs.

Veteran coach Joe Paterno would like to see the Big Ten expand. That’s hardly surprising since he was also a big proponent for the U.S. adding a 14th state.

Roger Goodell and Ben Roethlisberger recently met for several hours in New York. Something tells us it probably wasn’t at a Hooters.

Fred Lewis scooped the media by announcing he had been traded via Facebook. The 30-year-old outfielder went onto state that he liked bananas and that he would be removing “Glass Tiger” from his list of favorite bands.

Health Subcommittee chairman Frank Pallone believes smokeless tobacco has no place in Major League Baseball. Then again, neither do the Nationals and they’re still allowed to play.

Edmonton has won the NHL draft lottery. The Oilers have narrowed down their choices between someone you’ve never heard of and someone whose name you’ll never be able to pronounce.

Creed singer Scott Stapp has recorded a song for the Florida Marlins. Haven’t their fans already suffered enough?

A high school in Texas is getting a new $60 million football stadium. It’s the most money spent on an amateur team since the NFL approved the sale of the Rams.

Jay-Z is suing David Ortiz, claiming the Red Sox star named his new nightclub after the mogul's chain of 40/40 clubs. The difference is that Jay-Z’s name refers to homeruns and steals while Ortiz’s name refers to the size of his breasts and hips.

Congress wants Major League Baseball to ban smokeless tobacco. Fans simply want Major League Baseball to ban the Orioles.

Bobby Valentines believes the Mets managerial job is not in his future. Given how he screwed it up the first time he probably wishes it wasn’t in his past either.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Question of the Week

Prince, Newark, NJ
Subj: NBA records
Who holds the NBA record for the highest scoring average in a single season?

That honor belongs to Wilt Chamberlain, who averaged 50.4 points per game for the Philadelphia Warriors during the 1961-1962 season. The Big Dipper was so dominant that year that he also led the league in minutes, field goals, free throws, rebounds and over-all player efficiency while becoming the first player in the history of professional basketball to score 100 points in a single game. Despite his brilliance, Wilt wasn’t even named the league’s MVP. That honor instead went to Celtics center Bill Russell who led Boston to their fourth consecutive championship while contributing a mere 16.9 points per game. Although the pair may have been intense rivals on the court they were best of friends off of it. Russell was especially saddened when Wilt passed away from congestive heart failure in 1999. "I feel unspeakably injured," Russell said at the time. "I've lost a dear and exceptional friend and an important part of my life. Our relationship was intensely personal. We had a genuinely fierce competition that was based on friendship and respect. We just loved playing against each other. The fierceness of the competition bonded us as friends for eternity."

Monday, April 12, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

Evander Holyfield knocked out Frans Botha to win the WBF Heavyweight Title. It’s the biggest victory Holyfield has had since the Civil War.

Texas Stadium has been reduced to a useless pile of dust… just like Jerry Jones.

Dwyane Wade reportedly lost $1.5 million on the sale of his South Florida home. Luckily playing for the Heat has prepared him well for dealing with big losses.

Butler has given Brad Stevens a 12-year, multimillion dollar deal to continue coaching the Bulldogs. That’s a lot of money for someone who’s not even old enough to shave.

Umpire Joe West has called the Yankees and Red Sox a disgrace to baseball. He’s obviously never had to officiate a Pirates-Nationals game.

Brewers pitcher Jeff Suppan is on the disabled list with a stiff neck after sleeping on a rolled-up towel. The veteran hurler said he learned his lesson and next time will sleep on Prince Fielder’s soft pillowy gut instead.

Georgia police have finished probing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. No word yet on whether Ben Roethlisberger has finished probing Georgia college students.

Phil Mickelson has won his third Masters title. The veteran golfer now has more ugly jackets than Don Cherry.

Tiger Woods finished five strokes behind at The Masters. Fortunately he’s used to taking extra strokes now that his wife has him on lockdown.

Philadelphia head coach Eddie Jordan says he isn’t interested in coaching Rutgers. That’s hardly surprising since he doesn’t appear to be very interested in coaching the Sixers either.

The sale of the New Jersey Nets to Mikhail Prokhorov is in jeopardy. Apparently he finally saw them play.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

The Pirates won their Opening Day matchup against the Dodgers. It’s expected to be their longest winning streak of the season.

UCONN celebrated long into the night after winning their second straight championship. We haven’t seen a group of lesbians that happy since Melissa Ethridge announced her last tour.

Martina Navratilova has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The news comes as a shock to many observers who didn’t realize that Martina Navratilova was actually a woman.

Kenyon Martin’s teammates recently filled his car with several pounds of buttered popcorn. In related news, Kenyon Martin’s teammates have been missing since Sunday.

Brett Favre has become a grandfather. Just like the Vikings, someone else did all the work but he’s taking all the credit.

Blues forward Keith Tkachuk will retire after the season. The 38-year-old will finish his career with 538 goals, 525 assists and a zero recognition factor outside of St. Louis.

Five Kentucky players have declared for the NBA Draft. It’s a tremendous gamble considering many of them will now have to take a pay cut.

The Charlotte Bobcats have locked up their first playoff berth in franchise history. Both of the team’s fans are thrilled.

Tim Lincecum says he still wears the same hat that he made his Major League debut in. It could be worse: he could still be wearing the same cup that he made his Little League debut in.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Question of the Week

Randall, Homer Glen, IL
Subj: What’s love got to do with it?
There’s something I’ve always wanted to know. Why is a score of zero in tennis called "love"?

Like many things in life, you can blame the French for this one. The practice dates back to the 13th century when the fledging racket sport was sweeping the French countryside from Marseille to Calais. Players and spectators at the time noticed that a zero resembled an egg, so they began referring to it in their native dialect as “l’oeuf.” The word soon caught on and when tennis was introduced to the U.S. several hundred years later Americans misheard the term as “love.” This corrupted word has been an essential part of the game’s lexicon ever since.

Monday, April 5, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

A 300 lb. sign from the New Jersey Nets’ practice facility recently toppled over. Luckily no one was injured since the Nets never practice.

Donovan McNabb has been traded to the Redskins for two draft picks. There must be an easier way of getting free Chunky Soup than that.

A pair of jockeys recently exchanged blows at the Santa Anita Derby. Luckily it was just a small fight.

Al Harrington says he would like to re-sign with the New York. Ironically the Knicks have no interest in signing someone with such low self esteem.

A restaurant in Thailand has made a life-size replica of Tiger Woods out of condoms. The creation of the figure required 500 prophylactics, or as Woods would call it, a good day.

Brian Kelly has admitted that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish stink at the moment. In other words, they’ve improved dramatically.

Tiger Woods’ longtime adviser, John Merchant, has blamed Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley for corrupting his client. Merchant went onto blame Isiah Thomas for global warming and Dominique Wilkins for destroying Atlantis.

The Blue Jays have locked up outfielder Adam Lind for another four years. That’s nothing. Authorities expect to lock up Milton Bradley for 8-10 years by June.

Andrew Bogut’s season is over after fracturing his right hand. Something tells us this isn’t the big break most Bucks fans were hoping for.

The NCAA is on the verge of expanding the men's basketball tournament to 96 teams. In the interest of saving time they also plan to reduce the women’s tournament to one team: UCONN.

Tiger Woods finally hit the links for some practice at Augusta National. It’s the first time someone in his family has swung a club in public in six months.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Question of the Week

Tom, Coon Rapids, MN
Subj: What might have been
Hey Ryan, I’m a huge Kevin McHale fan from way back. Is it true that he almost didn’t end up playing basketball?

That’s correct Tom. Like most Minnesota boys McHale dreamed of lacing up his skates for the North Stars. He might have too, were it not for a tremendous growth spurt during high school. Over a four year span the Hibbing High star morphed from a diminutive 5’9” freshman to a towering 6’11” senior. His rapid height gain was all the more surprising given that both of his parents were under 6’0” feet tall.

Monday, March 29, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

Tiger Woods says he’s excited to return to the Masters. It will be his first foursome in months.

Tiger Woods’s return to the Masters is expected to boost television viewership of the event by 16 percent. And that’s just his exes.

EA Sports has released a sneak peak of NFL Madden 11. The game is so realistic that you can actually smell the alcohol on Matt Leinart’s breath.

Dwight Gooden has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs. Police knew for certain he was high when he got out of his car and tried snorting the highway divider lines.

Incoming Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov reportedly doesn’t own a cell phone and never uses the Internet. That goes a long way in explaining why he bought the Nets.

Shawn Bradley is running for the Utah State Legislature. Given the way he runs he should get there sometime by 2030.

A new study has revealed that the Yankees are the best paid figures in sports. They’re followed closely by the Mavericks, the Lakers and the women Ben Roethlisberger pays to stay quiet.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have now lost their 16th consecutive game. In their defense, those 5 guys at the YMCA were a lot tougher than they looked.

NASCAR was forced to postpone its Martinsville race due to heavy rainfall. On the positive side, many racing fans received their first shower in months.

The chief executive of the New Jersey Nets says he has no regrets about arguing with a fan who wore a paper bag over his head. However, he does have a few regrets about being the chief executive of the New Jersey Nets.

Tiger Woods has set up a learning center in Southern California. Enrollment in his sex ed classes is already full.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Question of the Week

Nate, San Marcos, TX
Subj: Fore! God and country
It seems like every American president from the past 50 years has been a golfer. Who is the best of the bunch?

That honor belongs to John F. Kennedy, an exceptional all-around athlete who possessed a seven handicap during his prime. Kennedy’s real strength was his long, smooth swing which was nearly as beautiful as some of the women he snuck into the White House. Although Kennedy may have been the Oval Office’s best golfer, the most passionate duffer was probably Gerald Ford. The nation’s 38th president was the first person to join the United States Golf Association (USGA) members program and he routinely worked on refining his game with pros like Jack Nicklaus, Hale Irwin and Dave Stockton. Of course, just because he was passionate doesn’t mean he was any good. Ford was famous for accidentally hitting spectators with wayward shots and he once capped off a memorable appearance at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic by telling the media, "I would like to deny all allegations by Bob Hope that during my last game of golf, I hit an eagle, a birdie, an elk and a moose."

Monday, March 22, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

CBS passed on an interview with Tiger Woods, saying that five minutes with the golfer wouldn’t be enough. There are hundreds of women out there who would probably disagree.

Tiger Woods has reportedly given his wife $150 million to stay in their relationship, and $300 million to always knock twice before entering his hotel room.

Bud Selig may realign baseball’s divisions. One option he’s seriously considering is moving the Orioles in the AL Central and moving the Nationals to Single A.

Ron Washington has tested positive for cocaine. The Rangers first suspected he had a problem after watching him snort the foul lines during the Seventh Inning Stretch.

Derrick Coleman has filed for bankruptcy. Financial, as well as moral. The former All-Star reportedly owes 99 creditors including American Express, Comerica and 75 different donut shops.

A three-game series between the Mets and Marlins has been moved from Miami to Puerto Rico. It’s unlikely anyone will be able to tell the difference.

Michael Jordan says he plans to run the Charlotte Bobcats his way… from Chicago. Jordan has called owning the Charlotte Bobcats a dream come true. After all, who doesn’t dream of owning a losing franchise that’s hemorrhaging money?

Chad Henne believes Tim Tebow is a second-rate quarterback. It takes one to know one.

According to a new study the odds a professional soccer player will be injured during a game are 1 in 75. And the odds that anyone in America will care are 1 in 75 million.

Ohio State’s Jim Tressel has become the first NCAA football coach to give an interview to a gay publication. Why do we get the sense that the discussion was mostly about tight ends?

The New York Police Department is looking for a suspect who looks just like Mariano Rivera. The Mets have offered to help on the off chance that he also PITCHES just like Mariano Rivera.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Question of the Week

Stephen, Vancouver, BC
Subj: Nowhere to hide
Who was the last goalie to appear in an NHL game without a mask?

That dubious distinction belongs to Andy Brown, a Pittsburgh Penguins netminder who patrolled the pipes during a 6-3 loss to the Atlanta Flames on April 7, 1974. Although the practice may seem foolish to us now, it was second nature for Brown, a rugged journeyman who refused to don a mask throughout his entire 12-year career because he felt it limited his vision. Brown was also a huge risk taker off the ice, and he transitioned into racing cars when his hockey career came to an end after three more seasons of stopping pucks with his face in the minor leagues.

Monday, March 15, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

Las Vegas odds makers have chosen the Kansas Jayhawks as 5-2 favorites to win the NCAA Tournament… and 2-1 favorites to beat the New Jersey Nets.

Chad Ochocinco is getting his own reality show in which he'll try to find a girlfriend from a field of 85 women. The show is tentatively titled Who Wants to Marry a Douchebag?

Jake Delhomme has agreed to a two year deal with the Browns. In turn, the Browns have agreed to another two years of abject mediocrity.

The Washington Nationals are currently 0-10. Sounds like they’re already in mid-season form.

Three doctors have cleared Rodney Stuckey for exercise. Given that he plays for the Pistons it’s likely to be an exercise in futility.

Marion Jones has signed to play with the Tulsa Shock. It’s hard to say what’s more disgraceful: being stripped of five medals or playing in the WNBA.

Jose Reyes has been told to refrain from any kind of strenuous athletic activity for 8 weeks. It’s unclear whether that includes baseball.

An engineering professor has determined that headfirst slides are safer than feet first slides. Except in the case of Prince Fielder, where any kind of slide is likely to trigger an earthquake.

The Jets and Giants will flip a quarter for the right to host the first game in their new stadium. Ironically, that’s all the money they have left after building it.

Husky Jets coach Rex Ryan has undergone lap-band surgery to help him fight obesity. It was either that or staple his lips shut.

A new survey suggests the odds a man will attend a WNBA game this year are 1 in 168.2. However, the odds that he’ll do so willingly are 1 in 50 million.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question of the Week

Berto, Amarillo, TX
Subj: Are you ready for some football?
When did the NFL remove the white stripping on the football? Are footballs with the stripping still used?

Superb question, Berto. The NFL originally introduced footballs with white stripes in the late 1950’s in order to make the ball easier to see during night games. Unfortunately, the white paint also made the pigskins more slick and league executives voted to return to the ball’s original design in 1976 after noticing a steady increase in incompletions. Although white stripes are no longer de rigueur in the NFL you can still see featured prominently on the footballs of nearly every other organized league, including the NCAA, the AFL and the CFL.

Monday, March 8, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

The New Jersey Nets are offering free tax preparation for anyone who comes to a game. It’s an amazing deal if you don’t mind having your taxes prepared by Keyon Dooling.

Michael Jordan reportedly paid $175 million for the Bobcats. That’s just $175 more than the next highest bidder.

A record 52 players were moved at the NHL’s trade deadline. Unfortunately for them none of them were moved to other sports.

The Cubs have signed Cuban defector Juan Yasser Serrano. The 21-year-old must still pass a physical exam, although that shouldn’t be a problem for a man who swam all the way from Cuba to Miami.

The New York Knicks missed all 18 three pointers in a loss to the Nets. If there were such a thing as four pointers they probably would have missed a few of those too.

Rodney Stuckey caused a tremendous stir when he fainted during a game against the Cavs. You’d think by now Pistons fans would be used to dramatic collapses.

Georgetown's leading scorer Austin Freeman has been diagnosed with diabetes. Fortunately his long-term playing career should not be affected since, like most Hoyas, he probably won’t have one.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas is hoping to return to Cleveland. After all, it’s one of the few places in America where a guy who looks like Uncle Fester doesn’t stand out.

Nate Burleson announced on Twitter that he has joined the Detroit Lions. Burleson decided to forgo a press conference because he didn’t want everyone to see him cry.

Dodgers catcher Russell Martin is expected to miss the rest of Spring Training with a pulled groin. Something tells us he won’t miss it very much.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Top 10: Las Vegas Sporting Experiences

Las Vegas has always been an amazing place to play, but in recent years it has also become a sportsman’s paradise. From world-class golf courses to state-of-the-art racing speedways, this irresistible desert oasis is now brimming with venues and activities that are sure to get your pulse pounding. Find out for yourself why Vegas is always on the money by reading my article on the town's top 10 sporting experiences here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Question of the Week

Gilmer, Kerrville, TX
Subj: Leading the way
Ryan, I’m curious which state produces the most NFL players? My uncle from Louisiana has a hang up that Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida put more players in the NFL than all other states, but I'm from Texas and I bet Texas is right up there with them. Do you know the answer?

I hate to mess with Texas, but the state with the most players currently in the NFL is California. According to a USA Football survey conducted last season, the Golden State has 206 of his native sons playing in the league, followed closely by Florida with 177 and Texas with 175. Rounding out the top ten are Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina and Michigan. Incidentally, Miami leads all cities with 35 players while Canada leads all foreign countries with nine.

Monday, March 1, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

The Winter Olympics have finally concluded. Americans can now return to ignoring alpine skiing and bobsledding for the next four years.

The Memphis Grizzlies plan to send Hasheem Thabeet to D-League. Mainly because there isn’t an F-League.

Ron Artest hopes to lose 20 pounds of what he calls “useless weight.” He could start by cutting off his head.

Chipper Jones has promised he will walk away from baseball if he has another disappointing season. Sadly, the Nationals have refused to agree to the same deal.

White Sox pitcher Bobby Jenks has stopped drinking alcohol. The veteran hurler should be especially effective now that he’ll only be seeing one catcher.

The NCAA has accused Michigan’s football program of five major infractions. Six if you count losing to Appalachian State.

The mascot for the Kansas City Royals has been accused of poking a fan's eye out with a hotdog. Wait a second, the Royals have fans?

The NFL has declined to punish Raiders coach Tom Cable. After all, coaching the Raiders is punishment enough.

John Daly is giving away a pair of his signed underwear. As an added bonus the garment can easily be converted into a 4-person tent.

The Clippers have confirmed they are keeping Drew Gooden. It’s still unclear whether this qualifies as a hostage situation.

Cardinals reliever Ryan Franklin is upset that Major League Baseball has decided to ban guns in its clubhouses. And Chris Carpenter is upset that he has to share a locker next to Ryan Franklin.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Question of the Week

Paul, Sacramento, CA
Subj: Hall Of Fame
Has there ever been a person voted into the baseball hall of fame by 100% of the voters? If not, why?

Not yet, Paul, although several players have come tantalizingly close. Ty Cobb got the ball rolling back in 1936 when he came within four votes of being named a unanimous selection. Since then, Hank Aaron, Tom Seaver, George Brett, Nolan Ryan, Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. have all been ushered into Cooperstown with the support of at least 97% of voters. So, why is it so difficult to become a unanimous selection? In some cases it’s just a matter of bad timing. Just look at Babe Ruth. The Bambino received only 95.13% percent of the vote because he had the misfortune of sharing the ballot with Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson and Honus Wagner. Snobbery is also another big issue. Many voters relish the fact that no one has been elected unanimously and believe that doing so would tarnish the legacies of other legendary players. In their opinion, a player like Wade Boggs shouldn’t merit 100% of the vote if exalted figures like Ted Williams and Cy Young both received less than 94% during their respective years. Finally, some players have received fewer votes than they deserved because they never endeared themselves to the journalists who constitute the Hall of Fame’s voting pool. Given these three mitigating factors, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see a player swept into Cooperstown with unanimous support.

Monday, February 22, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

The Oakland A’s are thinking of relocating to San Jose. The only question that remains is whether anyone in Oakland will actually notice.

The New Jersey Nets have reached a deal to move their regular-season games to Newark's Prudential Center. Apparently the Hoboken Sportsplex was already booked.

The New York Knicks have now traded enough players, waived enough assets and cleared enough salary cap room to acquire LeBron James. In fact, the only thing they haven’t done is given him a team worth joining.

Tiger Woods says he still loves his wife very much. Well sure, he’d say anything to get his three iron back.

Johan Santana recently told reporters he’s the best pitcher in the National League. And the most humble.

Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld has said that Gilbert Arenas will stay in Washington. Mainly because his ankle bracelet beeps every time he tries to leave.

Pau Gasol believes Kevin Garnett is extremely limited. And we believe Gasol’s lifespan may be extremely limited once Garnett finds out.

Serena Williams has enrolled in a 240-hour program to become a certified nail technician. It’s nice to know she’ll have something to fall back on in case this whole tennis thing doesn’t pan out.

An al-Qaida-linked guerrilla group has been threatening several teams at the men’s field hockey World Cup. It’s nice to know that at least someone is following the sport.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman says he’s surprised Johnny Damon is going to Detroit. In fact, ANYONE who’s been to Detroit is surprised he’s going there.

Ozzie Guillen has agreed to be the subject of a reality show this season. Censors are standing by.

The inventor of the Frisbee has died at the age of 90. Mourners plan to throw his body over an open field before being burying it later this week.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Question of the Week

Noah, San Francisco, CA
Subj: Hindsight is 20/20
How many quarterbacks were drafted before Tom Brady?

Believe it or not, NFL personnel selected five other quarterbacks before the New England Patriots snatched Tom Brady with the 199th pick of the 2000 draft. Although each of those prospects was highly regarded at the time, the list now reads like a roll call for the witness protection program. The Jets selected Chad Pennington with the 18th pick, the 49ers selected Giovanni Carmazzi with the 65th pick, the Ravens selected Chris Redman with the 75th pick, the Steelers selected Tee Martin with the 163rd pick, the Saints selected Marc Bulger with the 168th pick and the Browns selected Spergon Wynn with the 183rd pick. If you remove Bulger and Pennington from the equation, the remaining signal callers have combined for 6 starts, 18 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Brady, meanwhile, has started 128 games, thrown 225 touchdowns, won three Super Bowls and been named to the Pro Bowl five times. As if that weren’t impressive enough, he’s also now married to the world's most sought-after supermodel. Take that Giovanni Carmazzi!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In The Spotlight

I'm delighted to announce that my celebrity profile of two-time Olympic medalist Dale Begg-Smith is now online. Learn more about freestyle skiing's most controversial figure by clicking here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

108,000 fans attended the NBA All-Star Game in Dallas. It’s the largest crowd ever to be bored by a professional basketball game.

The Nets have placed Mike Krzyzewski on their wish list. Right next to a fifth win.

David Stern expects the Charlotte Bobcats to be sold in the next 60 days. In related news, a fool and his money will soon be parted.

Tyrus Thomas could be headed to Minnesota. In related news, Tyrus Thomas’s agent could be on the verge of getting fired.

The Cincinnati Bengals are interested in signing Matt Jones and Pacman Jones. It’s unclear whether they’re trying to improve their team or form a gang.

Allen Iverson has hinted he could be retiring soon. Three years after he should have.

Frank Thomas has announced he’s “done” with baseball. That’s hardly surprising since baseball has been done with him for nearly a decade.

Floyd Mayweather believes he could have played in the NBA. It’s amazing what a guy will say after getting hit in the head a few thousand times.

B.J. Upton has lost his arbitration hearing with the Rays. It’s the biggest win Tampa Bay has had since 2008.

Larry Bird says the Pacers’ rebuilding plan is right on target… for 2050.

The St. Louis Rams have officially been sold to an Illinois businessman named Shahid Khan. The team will henceforth be known the St. Louis Tax Write-offs.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s Sports Shorts.

The Pac-10 is considering adding another team to the conference. The Detroit Lions are hoping it will be them.

Rick Pitino is interested in joining the Nets. Sadly, he’d be their best player.

Las Vegas has already released the odds on who will win next season's Super Bowl. The Lions are listed at 100/1, just behind Tampa Bay, Oakland and you.

The man who shot videos of Erin Andrews through a hotel room peephole has admitted to videotaping 16 other reporters. Luckily for us he decided to keep the nude clips of Chris Berman to himself. That alone should be enough to reduce his sentence by five years.

The Phoenix Coyotes will open the 2010-11 NHL season in Europe. Many fans are hoping they stay there.

San Antonio Spurs guard George Hill has apologized for a collection of nude pictures that were recently posted online. His AND Greg Oden’s.

The Brewers are erecting a statue of baseball commissioner Bud Selig outside Miller Park. It was either that or a giant cockroach.

The Rockets, Knicks and Wizards are discussing a three-team trade. The deal would send Tracy McGrady to New York, Jared Jeffries to Houston and Gilbert Arenas to a halfway house.

The Indians have reached an agreement with right-hander Jamey Wright. And both parties agree that Cleveland has no shot at the playoffs.

The Mets have reportedly run out of money. Luckily for them most of their salaries will be paid by medical insurance anyhow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Question of the Week

Jason, Valparaiso, IN
Subj: Simply the best
In your opinion, what was the best high school hoops team of all-time?

My vote goes to the 1982-1983 Dunbar Poets. The thoroughbreds from this legendary Baltimore high school humbled opponents on a nightly basis en route to recording a perfect 31-0 record while also preserving a 59-game winning streak. Leading the attack were future NBA stars Reggie Williams, Reggie Lewis and Mugsy Bogues as well as a bevy of future college hoopsters including Herman Harried (Syracuse), Mike Brown (Clemson), Keith James (UNLV) and Darryl Wood (Virginia State). 25 years later, Wood still marvels at the team’s unparalleled depth. “We carried 15 players,” he says, “and I’d say at least 12 of us had Division 1 ability.” Naturally, it didn’t take long for local residents to catch on, and the Poets became such a huge hit in Crabtown that tickets for their sold-out games were frequently scalped for $100 a piece. Baltimore Sun sports editor Sam Davis still gushes when he reflects on the team’s incredible roster. “You needed two balls out there for all the kinds of talent they had” he says.