Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Question of the Week

Steve, Jamestown, RI
Subj: Food for thought
Is it true that the sports teams at Scottsdale Community College are known as the Fighting Artichokes?

That’s correct, Steve. The student body selected the unorthodox moniker back in 1972 as a way of protesting the administration’s decision to invest heavily in athletics at the expense of traditional academic programs. Naturally, the college declared the election null and void, but the students rallied around their decision and Artie the lovable green artichoke has been the big vegetable on campus ever since. Surprisingly, Artie isn’t the only tasty morsel who has become a mascot. Folks at Delta State University have been cheering on the Fighting Okra for more than a decade and the North Carolina School of the Arts has been home to the Fighting Pickles since the early 1970’s.