Monday, April 11, 2011

Question of the Week

David, Fort Smith, AR
Subj: Coaching titles
Okay, what is it with these coaches and their titles of "assistant head coach" and "associate head coach" and co-offensive coordinator and co-head coach and such? Heck, here at Arkansas we had a running game coordinator and a passing game coordinator and an offensive coordinator (I think-- he might have gotten lost in the title shuffle). Whatever happened to "coach"?

You bring up a fabulous point David. It wasn’t long ago that men like Pud Galvin pitched 72 complete games a year, football players like Jim Thorpe played on both sides of the ball and a single coach could control an entire team all on his own. Although I can appreciate the need for specialization, a part of me also longs for a time when your dentist could simultaneously cut your hair while also giving you a good bleeding with a leech. Now those were the days!