Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baseball's Most Bizarre Injuries

It isn’t uncommon for baseball players to be hard on themselves, but Baltimore Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts took self-punishment to a whole new level in October, 2010 when he beat himself in the head with his baseball bat after striking out at the plate. His temporary lapse of judgment resulted in a low-grade concussion which kept the two-time All-Star out of the lineup for the remainder of the season. “I’ve never had concussion-like symptoms in my life; it’s not fun,” a woozy Roberts said afterwards. “It’s not something you want to go through every day, that’s for sure. It’s a lesson to myself, a lesson to the kids to not do that, no matter how frustrated you are.” Bizarre injuries like Roberts’ are actually quite common in professional baseball, where players are constantly finding new and inventive ways to keep themselves on the sidelines. Learn more about baseball’s most bizarre injuries by clicking here.