Monday, February 11, 2008

You've Got To Be Joking

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this week’s sports shorts.

A sickening video of Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez at a gruesome cockfight was posted on YouTube. The video could have been even worse had Martinez been able to open his zipper in time to join the fight.

Pat Knight lost his very first game as head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. It’s refreshing to see a Knight choke for a change.

Mike Tyson and Junior Seau were spotted at a trendy Las Vegas restaurant recently. Seau had the filet mignon while Tyson dined on Lennox Lewis’s children.

Curt Schilling has an undisclosed injury to his right shoulder that could cost him his season. It’s nice to hear that Roger Clemens’ voodoo doll is working after all.

Hall of Fame hurler Nolan Ryan has agreed to become the team president of the Texas Rangers. You know your club is in trouble when your best pitcher is a 61-year-old guy working in your front office.

A would-be bar owner angry at being denied a liquor license threatened to shoot people at this year’s Super Bowl. Luckily, much like the Patriot’s defense, he decided not to show up.

The New York Yankees have learned that their new stadium will cost $1.3 billion. That seems like a lot of money for a place that won’t even be used in October.

Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik is in stable condition after he was cut by a teammate's skate during a game. On the positive side, it’s the first time the NHL has made headlines in nearly a year.

The Steelers have decided to keep the natural grass surface at Heinz Field. The decision was mad in order to give the team’s offensive line something to graze on.