Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Question of the Week

Randall, Madison, WI
Subj: Jon Stewart’s athletic exploits
Hey Ryan, I heard that Jon Stewart used to be a good athlete. What sport did he play?

You’re absolutely correct, Randall. Stewart played soccer at the College of William & Mary for three seasons, recording 10 goals and 12 assists during his career. Although he may not have been a star on the pitch, his ability to keep his fellow teammates loose was legendary. Stewart’s former coach, Al Albert, still recalls how the current Daily Show host used to keep the mood light. “Jon's wit was famous within the team,” he says. “No one would dare even then engage him in verbal combat. None of us imagined he would take things to the level that he has, but he was, even in college, a very funny guy.” Alas, don’t expect Stewart to suit up again anytime soon. “I'm 43 and smoked for 20 years,” he quips, “I'm just happy to go out of the house without an inhaler.”