Monday, August 11, 2008

Question of the Week

Ron, Oklahoma City, OK
Subj: The breakfast of champions
Who was the first professional athlete to be appear on a box of Wheaties?

That honors belongs to Lou Gehrig. The legendary Yankees infielder graced the box for the first time in 1934, ten years after the cereal made its debut on grocery shelves across America. The Iron Horse’s appearance produced such encouraging results that Wheaties continued to feature baseball players, and by 1939, 46 of the 51 players selected to the All-Star team were official Wheaties pitchmen. The athlete with the most number of Wheaties appearances, meanwhile, is Michael Jordan. The former NBA MVP has appeared on the box 18 times, including three appearances with Dennis Rodman, one of the few players in the world flakier than the cereal itself.