Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Question of the Week

Allan, Las Cruces, NM
Subj: Faster than a speeding bullet
In your opinion, who is the fastest football player of all time?

My vote goes to “Bullet” Bob Hayes, a man so fast he could turn off the lights and be in bed before it got dark. Prior to becoming a legend on the gridiron, Hayes was also an outstanding sprinter who established world records in the 60, 100 and 220 yard dashes during his tenure at Florida A&M. That blazing speed landed him an invitation to join the U.S. team at the 1964 Olympic Games where he collected two gold medals in what many still consider to be the greatest exhibition of pure speed in the history of international competition. Not surprisingly, Hayes’ super human ability to accelerate caught the attention of the Dallas Cowboys and the team drafted him with the 88th pick in the seventh round of the 1964 draft. It proved to be a savvy selection and Hayes went on to play ten seasons with the team, during which time he was named to three Pro Bowls and he became the first man in history to win both an Olympic gold medal and a Super Bowl ring. Sadly, he died in 2002 at the age of 59 after succumbing to liver and kidney problems, as well as prostate cancer.